There is no need for hunting turtles, say no to St. Lucia’s open season.

Tropical Silk

Original silk paintings

There  is  a  cultural tradition of  hunting and  harvesting sea  turtles every year around this  time in Saint Lucia.  While  I am all for   cultural  diversity and understand  that turtles  were once an important food  source for the  fishing villages, it is  now time  to put an end to this  practice. The   turtle  population is in serious  decline and  is now  listed  as an endangered species. I  would  like  the  same  action  which  saved the  St. Lucia  parrot to now  help the  sea turtles. Our  island   is becoming a very important tourism destination, lets  keep it that  way and in fact lets  make it even better.

Sea Turtle silk painting

I am donating this 40″ x 30″ silk painting, titled “Paradise”, retail value US$5000. I will hold  a draw on Facebook once  we  reach 1000 shares. So  spread  the  word, tell your  friends, tell everyone you can to help my friends  the…

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