Painting Multi Versions on silk

 Original  silk paintings

As an artist I  produce  one of a kind originals as commissions, but  I also  create what I term a “multi version”.  This  is  where  I will  produce more than  one  version of a  design or concept. I use  the  same  basic  line artwork to  create  the  resist  lines on the  silk and  will  sometimes add or  remove to the  design structure. Each  piece  is  hand  painted  and  no two are  alike.  The  two paintings  below are  a good  example of the  multi-version technique. Notice that  in the  first  painting at the  top the  colours and lighting of  the  carapace and  sea  are significantly different to the bottom  image, as well the second  painting has an added feature  of blue tang  fish. Working in this  method gives  me  the  freedom to  experiment all the  time, something you  would  not do on a  one of a kind piece.



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